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The ARAtronics lab is located within the Mechatronics Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Material Science. The lab welcomes students and post-doctorate researchers with diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to:

  • Opto-mechanical systems for sensing applications.

  • Opto-mechatronics systems design and analysis.

  • Micro-optical sensors technology.

  • Experimental, analytical and computational mechanics.

  • Perturbation methods and nonlinear dynamics.

  • Linear and nonlinear control of dynamics systems.

  • Biomedical sensing devices.

  • Locomotion and Vibration.

  • Haptic Interfaces.

  • Composite control strategies.

  • Robotics and flexible manipulators.

  • Brain computer interface.

  • Neuroscience and electrophysiology.


All students interested in joining the lab should read the following information before contacting Prof. Amir R. Ali.  Additionally, some commonly asked questions are answered here.

High School Student Researchers:

The ARAtronics Lab offers one high school student per year the opportunity to work in a research lab setting.  The minimum time commitment is 8 weeks during the summer.  While GPA and course background are relevant, enthusiasm for research and an interest in science and engineering are equally important.  If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Prof. Amir R. Ali directly.  Applications are accepted year-round, but this position typically fills by early February.

Undergraduate Researchers:

The ARAtronics Lab offers undergraduates at all stages in their studies (sophomore through senior) and in all of the disciplines listed above an opportunity to participate in research during the summer and the academic year.  There are no formal requirements (experience, year or major).  Research projects can be part of a directed research course, Merit Research, or can be independent of an academic curriculum.  However, all undergraduate researchers must commit to spending at least one full year in the group, including one summer.

Typically, openings are announced in the summer (June or July), applications are due by early August, and decisions are made by the start of the fall semester.  Usually, 2-3 undergraduates are hired every year.  Openings are announced on the lab's Facebook account.

Bachelor Projects for Spring 2018

To work on the ongoing research projects we are looking for smart and motivated candidates who needs to get their B.Sc. Project degrees in the topics listed in the Members Only Page. So you have to register first and you will get your approval for your membership within three days.

Masters & PhD Students:

The ARAtronics Lab accepts MSc & PhD students on the normal admit cycle for the GUC.​ Students interested in joining the lab must apply through GUC Graduate Admissions and should specifically indicate their interest in joining the ARAtronics Lab in the appropriate locations in their application and in their personal statement and proposal. 

Visiting PhD Students and Researchers:

The ARAtronics lab welcomes visiting PhD Students and scholars from other institutions.  However, due to space limitations in the ARAtronics Lab, we will only host one student or scholar at any given time.  Given this restriction, it is never too early to start planning.  Additionally, we accept an international visitors.

Post-doctorate Researchers:

There are currently no openings for post-doctoral scholars.

Lab Technician:

  • ARAtronics Lab are looking for a qualified Lab Technician to undertake a variety of laboratory procedures of technical nature. He/ she will be handling sensitive equipment to analyze samples or substances and conduct tests reporting findings to a laboratory director.

  • The ideal candidate will have experience in working under possibly hard conditions. He will be well-trained to maintain safety conditions and will be passionate for doing work that makes things move forward.

  • The goal is to optimize lab procedures and succeed in producing reliable and important results that can be used to make a difference. for more details click here

Interested in joining the ARAtronics group?  Contact Us

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